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We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Chengchen Li, who hired our talent Noria to build a platform that helps first time parents understand and coordinate their parental leave with their employer.

Here is what Chengchen said about our 5 hour free trial and subsequent work: 

Our LD designer did great work with us last time. She created an excellent design within a very reasonable time!

Noria used her UI and UX design skills to build an effective design under serious time constraints, which was our major pain point.

Chengchen Li, Penguin Benefits

And here is a link to her company: Penguin Benefits.

Case study details

Noria, the designer from LD Talent, built linkedin banners, reusable UI elements and graphics, as well as important UX for Chengchen’s Penguin Benefits. Noria did this within hours so Chengchen is looking to continue working with her as she’s particularly efficient.

Need for Penguin Benefits

Parents currently don’t know how to coordinate leave with their employers in order to get the maximum benefit of time with their newborns. There are so many laws to navigate. So their mission is to help families access this information and help parents spend time connecting with their newborns.

Why Chengchen is passionate about this problem and why they are a good fit?

Chengchen Li is a first-time mom to employers in different states (like many in the post-pandemic world). She also has many years of experience as an actuary, so she pays great attention to detail. She is very good at solving this problem.

In the process, she developed a deep understanding of insurance contract design and product design. Armed with this knowledge, she wants to help and reach out to more parents to learn about their benefits.

Here is a podcast where you will find out more about Chengchen Li’s experiences.

Penguin Benefits on the Challenge of Navigating Family Leave.
Penguin Benefits on the Challenge of Navigating Family Leave

Additionally, Chengchen is listed as a resource by the NYC Fintech Women and Society of Actuaries.

Market for Penguin Benefits

Parental leave is very important, especially in the first few days after giving birth. It’s the time to create memories that last for a lifetime. Penguin Benefits help understands a range of benefits new parents can receive from parental leave, such as California State Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, Pregnancy Disability Leave, California Family Rights Act, Employer Voluntary Disability Plan, Bonding Supplements, and Paid Time Off.

With their help, parents-to-be were able to find nearly a month of extra paid time off.

Average parental leave benefits.

How Unit Economics for Penguin Benefits Works

Penguin Benefits help you get the most out of your paid parental and maternity leave. They are promoting a structure that, more than any other platform in existence, especially for new parents. It allows parents and employers to navigate the complexities of family leave benefits.

Competitive Analysis for Penguin Benefits

Penguin Benefits is an angel-backed Insurtech/HR tech startup based in Silicon Valley. There are many competitors that provide services in insurance, human resources, and health benefits. However, Penguin Welfare stands out from all of them.

Some of the competitors include Accolade – a cloud-based platform for employee health benefits, Betterfly – a provider of employee health and well-being platform, Castlight – a cloud-based healthcare information company that offers enterprise healthcare technology, Cerner – an online platform for employee health benefits, and many more.

And what sets Penguin Benefits apart from others is

  • They have a great user interface.
  • Ability to assist families and employers with parental leave.
  • Penguin Benefits’ leave planning tool – a tool for parents made by parents.
  • They have 3 different leave entitlements.
    • Simple – Step-by-step guide, like “TurboTax” for parental leave benefits.
    • Smart – Their smart engine integrates federal/state/city and employer benefits that are applicable to you.
    • Personalized – A visual parental leave timeline estimate, showing how different benefits coordinate to form your leave.

What LD Talent offers?

Currently we are offering 5 free hours of work to any interested client who has a project and wants to try LD Talent to find contract or FTE talent (local or remote). 

Our network consists of talent skilled in frontend and backend development, mobile development, python, react, react native, AI, deep learning, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, Unity, and more. 

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Author: Nutan B