It’s the most amazing feeling when your client raises an $865K seed round after building an MVP with engineers you connected them with. And then another $2M after v2. A huge congratulations to both client and friend of LD Talent, Liam McCarty.

We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Liam McCarty, who hired our engineers Pavel and Adnan to build ePluribus v1. is a nonpartisan govtech application that lets citizens be heard by their representatives in Congress.
Here is what Liam said about our process:
LD Talent provides the best way I’ve seen to involve top-notch engineers at a moment’s notice. We needed someone who could take a glance at our code and quickly integrate several aspects of our platform. There wasn’t time for a long recruitment process, or for sifting through online proposals. Without LD Talent, we would have struggled to find such a high quality engineer on such a short timeline.
The team at LD Talent is organized and responsive. These are real people helping you, not an algorithm or a feedback form. They care about your experience, and they care about the results. They’ve built a solid operation with the attention to detail you’d expect in your own product. If you’re looking for high quality freelance work without all the hassle, LD Talent should be your first stop.
Tech Skills Used: React JS, React Native for iOS/Android, NodeJS
Currently we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try us out. Our network consists engineers from top universities both in and outside the US, skilled in python, react, react native, AI, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, and blockchain. We also do referrals for full time employees in addition to remote contract engineers.
Liam’s startup has grown quickly, has been funded by SamsungNEXT and has been featured in Tech Crunch:

Liam’s UnumID raised another $2M from Draper Associates. News here.