ESL Hunter is a site that connects English teaching institutions in East Asia to instructors in the U.S. and other countries. In July 2018, we had completed most of the back-end coding for our site, but we did not have the expertise to work on the front-end coding.

We contacted Learning Dollars to help us finish the site, and we were connected with an outstanding engineer named Lauro. Lauro completed the tasks we gave him promptly, his communication with our team was excellent, and the quality of his work was outstanding.

The most unique aspect of Learning Dollars was the ease in which we were able to get the work we needed completed. The Learning Dollars process, including messaging, contracts and billing, made it easy for our team to use the service. And something that I expected would be painful like hiring a software engineer actually ended up being a very fun and affordable experience. I would highly recommend anyone looking for software services in the future to use Learning Dollars!

The above testimonial / case study was written by Sylesh Volla and Jaebum Lee who are graduates of Stanford University.

Currently we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try us out. Our network consists engineers from top universities both in and outside the US, skilled in python, react, react native, AI, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, and Unity. We also do referrals for full time employees in addition to remote contract engineers.