We at Learning Dollars Talent are proud to have worked with Nabil Alshurafa, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Computer Science and Shibo Zhang, a PhD student at Northwestern University, who hired our engineer Zain with expertise in Android app development to build wearable systems. After our initial 10 hour free trial, they elected to continue to work with Zain, quoting that he had “very good working skills”. 

Currently we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try us out. Our network consists of engineers from top universities both in and outside the US, skilled in frontend and backend development, mobile development, python, react, react native, AI, deep learning, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, Unity, and more. We also do referrals for full time employee hires, in addition to introductions to remote contract engineers.  

If you’d like to get matched with engineers, view their resumés, and hire talent, please visit learningdollarstalent.com