We are proud to have worked with Swami Sundaresan, Associate Partner at Infosys. He hired LDT engineers Ankit, Neelansh, and Kanish to build a deep learning NLP search system and a data visualization dashboard.

Here is what Infosys’s Swami said about our 10 hour free trial and subsequent work:

It was a wonderful experience. Ankit is a good engineer and is making an innovative UX. It is really going to help Infosys customers visualize financial visions and outcomes. I’d like to share the LD Talent service with other teams within and outside Infosys.

After a few months, he chimed in again with further praise saying “Ankit has been awesome! … Approved all of Ankits work.”

Originally, Swami had a pressing need for d3 developers and NLP engineers, but was not able to locate such talent. Even if he did find such talent, there was a high level of upfront financial commitment required. But Swami wanted to establish a working relationship with the engineer. The LDT 10 hour free trial came in handy for this.

Need for what Swami is building at Infosys: There are a lot of financial establishments that would benefit from an on-demand natural language search to help customers. They also want to provide easy data visualizations for financial decision making. So, we imagine there would be a fairly large market for the products Swami is building.

Competitive Analysis for Swami’s idea: Status quo players may be Bloomberg, Tableau, or more specific financial softwares. However, they are not great solutions for Infosys’s particular use case.

This Infosys testimonial is another win for LD Talent in the fintech space after Tony Correia’s recent testimonial.

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