Update 1/22 – Founder Daniel Osvath pivoted to a new idea, Mentum, still funded by YC. The serial entrepreneur continues to be a client of LD Talent.

We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Wadler Watches, whose founder hired our engineer Nutan to do SEO optimization work. This is our first SEO case in our case studies. Here is what they said about our 5 hour free trial and subsequent work:

We worked with Nutan on SEO for our e-commerce store. Nutan helped to identify the gaps and optimize our content and images for SEO. She replied promptly during or work periods and helped explain the steps and services that we need. #SEO

Need for what Wadler Watches

Americans want environmentally sustainable products right now. Moreover, they are looking at digital devices all day, and they yearn for a traditional wooden touch on occasion.

Feel the touch of nature - Wadler Watch
Feel the touch of nature – Wadler Watch

Market for Wadler Watches

The global market for watches is 54B, and the US market is 12B. In fact, the pandemic is giving luxury watches a new market. While older consumers may go for known brands like Rolex and the likes, millennials may be interested in new, more environmentally sustainable options. If Wadler can make a name for itself in just one tenth of watch buyers, it’s SAM may be around $1B.

How Unit Economics for Wadler Watches Works

Wadler’s assets are mostly intangible for the consumers. They are tangible in the sense that they are net tree positive. This means that every time you buy a watch you are actually increasing the number of trees in the world. However, the true asset here is the emotion that buying a sustainable watch like Wadler creates. It is psychological. It is a constant reminder that you are a person who cares about the environment and is one with the environment. Producing this emotion may require Wadler to spend a bit more but that spend is nothing compared to what they can charge for the emotion they are selling. Hence, unit economics for Wadler will be a piece of cake (preferably vegan cake).

Silver Plated Watches in Nature - Wadler Watch
Silver Plated Watches in Nature – Wadler Watch

Competitive Analysis for Wadler

Top Watch Brands
– European Wood Watch Companies that are growing in popularity

The difference is that Wadler is targeting Americans with a business model of selling environmentally efficient, wood watches, that has worked in Europe. It’s a combination of unique arbitrage and creative environmentalism.

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