We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Bala Ganesh’s Cyber Secure Mobile. He hired LD engineers Siva and Animesh to build a scalable mobile payment processing system. Previous case studies include Baidu Ventures and Pear Ventures.

Here is what Bala said about our 5 hour free trial and subsequent work: 

Obtaining quality software engineering talent is hard unless you have deep pockets and a recognizable brand name. We are a start up and were in need of Android, iOS and .NET talent. This was to wrap up some last piece of work to get our product out the door.

I had used other talent sourcing platforms before with some success but what I found different and refreshing is the quality of talent pool that has been established by LD. Their passion for identifying the resources with the qualification and skills necessary for each of the disciplines they support shines through as a result of their rigorous vetting process.

Their standard metrics and the transparency that is used for the resource pool makes it easy to compare the candidates. I interviewed candidates from at least three regions outside that US where I am located and found the candidates were all equally qualified to do the job that I had to get done. 

The candidates at LD are also chosen not only for the economic benefits it offers customers but also for their passion to learn and it shows in their deliverables. If you are in need for good quality software engineering talent, give LD a try.

Technologies used: React Native, Android, iOS, .NET

Need for Bala Ganesh’s Cyber Secure Mobile

The current payments space is not functional. This is especially true when it comes to paying people in the gig economy, as we at LD know. Bala is doing something about this problem.

Why Bala Ganesh

Bala is a serial technology entrepreneur with a background in DevOps, engineering management, and product development.

Market for Cyber Secure Payments

McKinsey reports that the payments market is a multi hundred billion dollar market. However, Bala Ganesh’s Cyber Secure Mobile’s focus on specific niches means that it will have a good chance of grabbing several 10-20 billion dollar markets.

Unit Economics for Cyber Secure Mobile

They are facilitating a structure that will be more beneficial to workers and employers than any other platform out there, especially for international transactions.

Competitive Analysis for Bala Ganesh’s CyberSecureMobile

Paypal (and its API), Payoneer (and its API), Skrill, Xoom, Flutterwave, Transferwise, and Bitpay are all competitors to what Bala is building. However, his design and empathy for gig economy business owners are something that set his endeavor apart.

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Creative Commons Image Citation: https://www.cybersecurity.hk/en/learning-epayment.php