We, ECAdvisor Corp, worked with an engineer from Learning Dollars to build our phase 1 product: personalized extracurriculars recommendation service to enrich students lives. The work interaction is efficient and pleasant.

Our engineer enabled us to push phase 1 cloud based product to production with expected budget.

Our engineer had good knowledge on cutting edge technologies as well as passion on business. He fully analyzed product requirements and UI mocks provided to him, architected the full stack of software (Django, DB, Cloud instance), and contributed to the core implementation. He also has good project management skills to lead our team members for execution.

We would like to recommend Learning Dollars to the companies that need to build modern web appearance, or bring their business to digital world.

The above testimonial / case study was written by Pochang Hsu (TSMC, MBA from Santa Clara University, EE PhD from University of Arizona) and Catherine Fang (Lecturer at CMU Extension Mountain View, Sr. Product Manager at Linkedin).

Currently we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try us out. Our network consists engineers from top universities both in and outside the US, skilled in python, react, react native, AI, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, and Unity. We also do referrals for full time employees in addition to remote contract engineers.