We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Tushar Sheth, a former Obama White House policy advisor. He hired our engineer Vinay T. to build machines that model human experts to help companies hire and train exceptional talent. This is a major win for LD after Infosys became a customer.

Tushar Sheth said the following about the LD 10 hour free trial and subsequent work with Vinay:

“Vinay’s work is very impressive. team5 is considering paying the buyout fee to hire him directly.”

team5 logo by Tushar Sheth
team5 logo by Tushar Sheth

Vinay used C++, Python, MySQL, and Windows Application Development tools to work on team5’s stack.

Need for what Tushar Sheth’s team5 is doing

Hiring has a high financial and time cost. This is especially true if you need a custom hiring process or if you care more about the ability to think than resumes.

Why team5?

Well, according to team5’s LinkedIn profile:

“Our assessment engine evaluates candidates the way an expert, like your best engineers, would. In other words, we automate your expert interview.

Why experts? Because game recognizes game.” – team5

Market for team5

The recruiting industry is a $150B industry within the US. Considering that the US produces approximately 1/4 of global GDP, the global industry size may be $600B.

Say team5 makes recruiting assessment just 1% more efficient for 10% of jobs, then he still is looking at a $600M industry.

Obviously Tushar Sheth of team5 will need to do more serious TAM / SAM / TM calculations himself.

Competitive Analysis for team5

team5 faces immense competition in the software industry from the likes of:

Many emphasize diversity like team5. However, Tushar Sheth’s team5 focuses on cybersecurity, a high demand area. It emphasizes mapping how candidates think. This may indeed set the company apart.

pedigree != performance, team5's motto
pedigree != performance, team5’s motto

So, you should consider hiring motivated talent like team5 did.

Currently, we are offering 10 free hours of engineering to any interested client who has a project and wants to try LD Talent to find contract or FTE talent (local or remote).

Our network consists of engineers skilled in frontend and backend development, mobile development, python, react, react native, AI, deep learning, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, Unity, and more.

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