Author: Nutan B

We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Ashley VanCott, who hired our engineers Akinsanya, Bonifase and Harshit to build WriteWise, a pioneering software to improve how you write your research papers.

Here is what Ashley said about LD Talent engineers: 

“Great attitude and exceeds expectations! Very happy with all LD Talent engineers that have dedicated long-term to our project.”

Harshit is an amazing engineer. He is proactive in everything he does and carefully detailed in his work. His communication with the management team is clear and prompt, ensuring that project goals are met to our exceeding expectations. I will be happy to continue working with Harshit on all of our ongoing projects!”

Tech Skills used: Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Django, Google Cloud, Machine learning, MongoDB, Natural language processing, PHP, Python, Tensorflow, keras and scikit-learn.

Bonifase is a very proactive, detail-oriented developer. He has helped us to implement solutions that work and has even proposed improvements that we had not previously considered. Bonifase provides quick responses and communicates clearly to all levels of the team. We are 1,000% satisfied and are glad to have Bonifase working on our project!”

Tech Skills used: Angular, CSS, Django, Google Cloud, JavaScript and Python.

Akin is an amazing, proactive worker. He has a great eye for UI improvements and as he has become more familiar with our product and end-users, he has suggested new improvements that have been implemented in the product backlog. Akin is additionally a self-motivated developer, and when he faces challenges, he conducts the needed research to get the job done. Finally, Akin is a great team player. He recognizes when he needs help, and he has always been available to provide help to other developers when needed.”

Tech Skills used: Angular, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Vue.js.

Case study details

As a growing company, WriteWise has received funding from Startup Chile. Their team conducts research in the fields of artificial intelligence and applied linguistics. They have received national and international recognition at the Global EdTech Startup Awards, Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition 2020, HolonIQ’s Global EdTech 800, 2020 Latam Edtech, Imagine lab, InnovaChile, Falling Walls Lab and Scale Up Ventures.

Need for what WriteWise is doing

WriteWise is an online writing tool for improving research papers. Many universities and researchers use it to improve their writing and review student manuscripts. Currently, WriteWise is working on improving its Spanish version for undergraduate and graduate students to write their thesis in Spanish. Our engineers helped them program WriteWise’s Spanish version.  

Why choose WriteWise?

The sole purpose of WriteWise is to reduce the time spent writing and reviewing their manuscripts. With this time saving tool they can publish these manuscripts in more specialized journals. As per Prof. Ronald Mennickent, PhD, the Director of Research and Artistic Creation at Universidad de Concepción, “WriteWise has been very well received by our research faculty, such that the demand for licenses has exceeded initial expectations and availability.”

Market for WriteWise

WriteWise is an award-winning software that helps write, review and edit research papers. This software is manily helpful to universities, researchers and students. Some of the universities that trust them are: Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Technica Federico Santa María, Universidad Andrés Bello and UCSC.

Additionally, WriteWise is an educational platform that guides students through the writing process. The tool helps them structure their writing and provides content suggestions.  It has also been beneficial to researchers, and many research groups are using it. 

Competitive Analysis for WriteWise

There are many competitors to WriteWise that offer text analyzer, proofreader, and grammar check features using Artificial Intelligence. However, WriteWise remains the top choice.

Some popular writing software for researchers that compete with WriteWise include – Jasper (formerly Jarvis) – a smart writing assistant , Trinka – geared toward academic and technical writing, Hemingway Editor – Free tool, Wordtune – generates rewrite suggestions, QuillBot – a cutting-edge paraphrasing tool and many others.

And what sets WriteWise apart from other tools is

  • Its great user interface
  • Ability to assist with tedious tasks like writing research papers.
  • The software gives you feedback on your writing and instructs you of necessary corrections.
  • It focuses on your paper’s structure and the smallest details.

What LD Talent offers?

Currently we are offering 5 free hours of work to any interested client who has a project and wants to try LD Talent to find contract or FTE talent (local or remote). 

Our network consists of talent skilled in frontend and backend development, mobile development, python, react, react native, AI, deep learning, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, Unity, and more. 

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Author: Nutan B