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LD Talent is proud to partner with Jodi Anderson, who hired our engineers Albert and Dennis to build the PipeDreamers Foundation mobile app. This is the first platform to use advanced data analytics and client-side technology to help connect justice-impacted youth with mentors, recovery programs, educational / career opportunities, community resources, and social services.

Here is what Jodi Anderson said about our LD Talent and our engineers: 

“So far, LD Talent has done more for me than other developers that I have contracted before.”

“This engineer (Albert) immediately started working on my application with minimal guidance despite the complexities of onboarding to a new team. Not only is his communication constant, but he also offers solutions that they not be apparent to me.”

Tech Skills used: Flutter

“Dennis is very detail oriented and make ensures that he understands the assignment. He also has no problem with working with other developers.”

Tech Skills used: Flutter

And here is a link to his company: PipeDreamers Foundation.

Case study details

Jodi Anderson, the co-founder of PipeDreamers Foundation started his journey at the Stanford Graduate School of Education’s Collaborative Learning Fund. It is an initiative to promote student-led academic exchange and camaraderie in the Graduate School of Education.

The mission of PipeDreamers Foundation is empowered by technology and justice. Their podcast series, New Dreams Of Justice (New DOJ) features honorable panelists Louis L. Reed, LADC, AADC, of REFORM AllianceAlicia Kenworthy, and Brian Koehn of Social Profit Corrections, 501(c)3.

Furthermore, StartX notified Jodi Anderson and Darnell Epps that the PipeDreamers Foundation won the Stanford Digital Learning Design Challenge. As a result, they were able to build an organization with top experts from Stanford and Silicon Valley. 

Additionally, PipeDreamers is a Web 3.0 platform that connects at-risk youth with educational opportunities through gamification. Their social justice initiatives include helping former incarcerated youth and men. 

Jodi Anderson finds LD contractors more valuable than others

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Need for what PipeDreamers Foundation is doing

PipeDreamers Foundation aims to serve youth, community organizers, lawyers, nonprofits, the judiciary, foundations, and families affected by justice. Through the adoption of technology, the foundation aims to connect youth with the best resources in their local communities.

How it works?

It identifies the local resources, services, and youth advocates who will best serve the educational, professional, and well-being related goals of a community’s youth.

How to easily manage all of your opportunities and important connections?

  • Productivity Tools
  • Educational & Employment Portals
  • Secure Data & Privacy Protections

Vision for PipeDreamers Foundation

Through technological innovation, PipeDreamers envisions a bright future where every person, regardless of socioeconomic status, can access and leverage the resources required to maximize their potential.

The team of Pipedreamers aims to advance education by integrating Blockchain Technologies. Specifically, it is a digital learning experience based on Web 3.0 technologies such as blockchain technology, VR/AR, and IoT called “Education Technology 3.0.” (EdTech 3.0). Students, parents, educators, social workers, community organizations, and mentors will be able to take advantage of digital learning experiences and youth development assets through this program.

PipeDreamers Foundation’s Podcast series

PipeDreamers Foundation’s New Dreams Of Justice (New DOJ) is a digital media program part of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. As part of this program, Stanford engineers showcased their work on developing engineering products, services, projects, and building systems to address social justice issues. LD Talent is glad to have had a role in PipeDreamers’ contribution to this showcase.

What LD Talent offers?

Currently, we are offering 5 free hours of work to any interested client who has a project and wants to try LD Talent to find contract or FTE talent (local or remote). 

Our network consists of talent skilled in frontend and backend development, mobile development, python, react, react native, AI, deep learning, tensorflow, scraping, selenium browser automation, blockchain, Unity, and more. 

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Author: Nutan B