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We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with TowGo LLC’s CEO Daniel Shepard, who hired our engineer Parth to build an automotive aid that helps drivers precisely backup their trailers.

Here is what Daniel Shepard said about our 5 hour free trial and subsequent work: 

We found good people to do the work and, as a company, LD Talent has been very quick to respond to questions.

Parth was very responsive and did a terrific job. He came onboard towards the end of our project and quickly came up to speed. He resolved numerous problems with Bluetooth, audio, Android vs. iOS and others and then helped get our app uploaded to Google Play and the Apple Store. When things came up with which he was not familiar, he was very resourceful in finding solutions. I would hire again.

Daniel Shepard, TowGo

Tech Skills used: Android Studio, Android native app development, Flutter, and iOS native app development.

And here is a link to his company site: TowGoLLC

Case study details

TowGo is an automotive aid that helps drivers precisely back up their trailers. The TowGo team was in the final stages of their project and faced various technical challenges, including Bluetooth, audio, compatibility between Android and iOS, and app deployment to Google Play and the Apple Store.

Parth joined the TowGo project during its final stages, seamlessly integrating into the team. Not only did he quickly adapt to the team dynamics, but he also efficiently resolved all the above technical issues. Furthermore, he facilitated app deployment to Google Play and the Apple Store. When faced with unfamiliar challenges, Parth demonstrated resourcefulness in finding solutions. Overall, his responsiveness, problem-solving skills, and expertise greatly contributed to the project’s success.

Need for what TowGo is doing

TowGo is addressing the critical need for anyone to back up with a trailer. Additionally, they recognize that starting and ending an outing with a bad backup event can spoil the memory of the day. By providing a reliable and efficient backup system, TowGo aims to eliminate the frustration and stress that can occur during trailer backup, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable outing from the beginning.

Why Daniel is passionate about this problem and why they are a good fit?

Daniel Shepard is passionate about addressing the challenges of effectively tackling complex problems like trailer backup. This passion is evident in his dedication and involvement in the development of TowGo. As the founder and CEO of TowGo, Daniel recognized the need for a more efficient and accessible trailer backup system. Additionally, he is driven by a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals when accidents cost high damages and the incident hurt relationships.

Daniel’s background and experience make him a perfect fit for tackling this problem. With his expertise in technology and a strong entrepreneurial drive, he possesses the necessary skills to lead the development of TowGo’s innovative trailer backup navigation aid.

Here are some articles written by Daniel Shepard where you will find out more about his experiences.

Market for TowGo

TowGo is a trailer backup assistant designed to simplify the process of reversing trailers. It targets truck owners, campers, and fishermen who struggle with trailer maneuvering.

The product consists of discreet sensors placed on the hitch and steering wheel, along with a smartphone app. By calculating the alignment of the vehicle and trailer, TowGo eliminates guesswork and provides visual guidance on the mobile device’s screen.

Furthermore, TowGo stands out due to its affordable price and ease of installation make it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Overall, with the potential to enhance safety and improve towing experiences, TowGo aims to address a significant market need.

Steering Wheel Sensor
A Steer Sensor that easily attaches to your steering wheel.
Trailer Hitch Sensor
A Hitch Sensor that connects between your trailer coupler and your hitch receiver.
TowGo App for Your Smartphone or Tablet
An App for your Android or iOS device that lets you know when and how much to steer.

How the Unit Economics for TowGo Works?

TowGo, developed by Briks Group LLC, is a patented aftermarket trailer backup assistant. In terms of its unit economics, the company generates revenue through the sale of its trailer backup assistant systems. It offers a reliable and innovative product, positioning itself as an affordable solution for trailer backup assistance. In fact, through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched in September 2015, early backers had the opportunity to pre-order TowGo, with prices starting at $199. This affordable pricing strategy, coupled with its accessibility, significantly contributes to the potential market success of TowGo.

Competitive Analysis for TowGo

TowGo’s tagline, “We Empower the World to Tow Without Stress,” emphasizes its commitment to providing a stress-free solution for customers. Moreover, TowGo stands out from its competitors due to its competitive advantages.

Firstly, it offers precise trailer backup assistance, ensuring accurate alignment between the vehicle and the trailer. Additionally, it enables significant time and cost savings by streamlining the trailer reversing process. Furthermore, TowGo’s specialized focus on trailer backing sets it apart in the market. In terms of user experience, its user-friendly approach simplifies installation and operation.

Lastly, TowGo possesses a unique selling point that combines affordability, precision, time and cost savings, specialized focus, and a user-friendly design. These factors collectively position TowGo as a leading choice for stress-free trailer backup assistance.

Some of TowGo’s competitors include:

DJ Products: offers a range of trailer movers and tugs that assist with maneuvering trailers.

Ford: offers various advanced features and technologies in their trucks, including trailer backup assist systems.

good sam Roadside Assistance: provides towing services and roadside assistance. 1

Bosch Mobility: offers a range of automotive technologies, including advanced driver assistance systems. is an online retailer specializing in trailer parts and accessories.

SpotterCone: offers a system that uses cones to guide drivers during backing maneuvers.

What LD Talent offers?

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