We at LD Talent are proud to have worked with Samay Devraj, who hired a Shopify developer on LD to build anamiva. Anamiva is an e-commerce company offering tech-driven personalized plant-based products. These products help you reboot and restore your gut.

Here is what Samay said about LD’s 5 hour free trial and subsequent work: 

I really enjoy working with our developer. He works fast and is a talented engineer. If he comes across problems, he seems to troubleshoot it very fast. I provided him with Figma designs, and he has been building out our store on Shopify. It is pixel perfect exactly the same as our designs and has made it configurable for us to go in and change anything we want.

So far I have been happy with my LD experience. I like seeing time logged and seeing my balance update via Slack. Project management thru Asana works just fine for us. One thing we keep in mind as we become pro users of LD’s system is that we should be clear on exactly what we want from each work session.

Overall, our developer is doing Shopify development for anamiva, though he’s a fully equipped full stack developer. So, this will be great for when anamiva needs to grow.

Need for personalized plant-based products and Samay’s anamiva:

Especially as we enter into a new normal (shaped by COVID-19), there are a lot of growing pains. People are not able to maintain healthy lifestyles. People are suffering more than ever from:

  • depression
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • acid reflux
  • bloating
  • abdominal pain
  • heartburn
  • joint pain
  • inflammation
  • indigestion
  • gas
  • fatigue
  • and constipation!

Anamiva offers tech-driven personalized plant-based medicines and products to help with gut issues.

The site offers a great gut check right on the landing page. For instance, anamiva recommended me the famous plant-based product, Turmeric.

The gut check directly addresses skeptics of Eastern plant-based type of stuff. I personally love how up front it was about that. That makes me all the more likely to try it.

Why personalized plant-based products with anamiva and why Samay:

Samay is a serial entrepreneur. He has faced stress throughout his life and has balanced business development, guerilla marketing, sales, technical management, literally everything. The reason he was able to strike this balance is because of his knowledge of plant-based products like those you find on anamiva. He also knew how to personalize his plant-based regiment, and what products are right for him on what day. So, Samay realized at some point that that is a real asset. Moreover, he realized that other entrepreneurs can benefit from his ways of living.

Market for anamiva’s rejuvenating personalized plant-based products:

Anamiva’s total available market (TAM) for health supplements is over $100B per year. Since everyone is buying online in the new normal, the served available market (SAM) is nearly the same size. Finally, Samay’s target market is likely the segment of the population that is both interested in eastern plant-based healing and doesn’t love their un-personalized, non-technical existing solutions. We estimate this target market is likely 1% of the TAM or $1B.

Competitive Analysis for anamiva amongst other plant-based product e-commerce sites:

Ayush, Maharishi, Banyan, and Mapi but none of them have the strong focus on gut checks and personalization of your microbial profile. This tech-driven personalized, data-based approach will set anamiva apart from the traditional generic plant-based retailers. The tech behind anamiva is what will set them apart, and we at LD Talent are honored to be part of creating that personalization technology.

This is the second major health project done on LD after Stanford Biomedical Engineering grad Caleb did a project called Citizen which focused on automated diagnosis.

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